According to the National Enquirer she is. The Enquirer reported the following…

“On her 23rd birthday, super-hot Emma Stone power-canoodled with boyfriend Andrew Garfield in the lobby of L.A’s Landmark Theatre just before attending “Tower Heist” — but was interrupted by a gaggle of teen-ish girlies, who asked meekly: “Do you mind if we take a picture with you?” Instantly, Hollywood’s new “It Girl” whirled on the girls and snarled: “Do you mind if I don’t?” Here’s the heartbreaker: Moments later, Stone stormed into the ladies’ room to reapply her licked-off lipstick, looking lovingly at herself in the mirror — ignoring one of the lassies she’d just snubbed, who was wiping away tears at the next basin!”

Come on now, really? I am not so sure that I believe this. I mean did the girl who was crying tell a reporter that Emma Stone looked “lovingly” at herself in the mirror? The whole story just sounds too perfect. I am sure something similar happened. Maybe Emma acted a little irritated, but she still took the picture and the girls thought “she was kind of rude” And, now you have this story, or maybe I am wrong and Emma Stone is a huge bitch.

I don’t want to believe that. How could Jules from Superbad be a bitch? How could Wichita from Zombieland be a bitch? How could Olive from Easy A be a bitch? She couldn’t! I refuse to believe these very observant teenage girls.

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