Normally, you see pictures of models or really hot celebrities on this site, which is wonderful don’t get me wrong. But, what about those fatties who worked hard and aren’t fat anymore? My question to you is this, would you hit it? Let’s get down to the loose skin right now. All of the pictures are below, but let me give you a background for a couple of these biggest losers.


The main picture is season 11 winner, ‘Olivia Ward.’ She was a New York City opera singer and she used to weigh 261 lbs, but after Biggest Loser? She weighed 132 lbs and my question to you is would you hit it? She recently got her extra skin removed if that helps.


The lady in the second picture is season 6 winner, ‘Michelle Aguilar.’ She weighed 242 lbs when she went on Biggest Loser and on the finale she weighed 132 lbs. 110 pound weight loss is not bad at all, and I have to say I would hit it. I threw in an extra picture of her wearing the famous “milk stache.” Don’t worry, though. I am sure it is skim milk, at least it better be.


Would you hit it? You would, don’t lie.

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