Facebook Page “How To Dad” That Teaches Hilarious Tips

1384905023-521058Gone are the days for the instructional books for Dummies. Today, most people rely on instruction videos on Youtube and Facebook in basically any topic on Earth. But one guy is currently trending for creating a page on how to teach guys on proper parenting.
“How to DAD” is a Facebook page with hilarious videos about a dad who teaching his baby some basic skills in life. The Facebook page says “D.I.Y parenting advice you’ll actually want to listen to.”

The page currently has more than 800,000 followers. Recently, the dad and his page were featured by GQ UK and earned the title “Best Guide to Fatherhood on the Internet.” Beat that, video blogger dads!

From the story, it was revealed that the Dad and the baby were from New Zealand. The hilarious Dad-and-baby duo has been trying to accomplish their goals while the whole world is watching. The video ‘How to Put a Baby to Sleep” garnered over 400,000 views as of the moment. The Dad suggests hilarious ways to put his baby to sleep to which the baby has no intention of responding, too which made the video more entertaining.

There are other funny videos you should see if you want to be a good (and funny) Dad and to eventually win at life. The now-famous Dad also posted a truthful how-to guide in changing nappies that involves holding your breath, praying intently while changing the nappy and the long distance technique using thongs!

This guy sure knows how to make a situation light and funny instead of wallowing with the amount of time spent with his child. Although his guides are not encouraged to be used in real-life his sense of humor can definitely bring Dads and babies together. Just make sure you don’t follow his instructions by heart because it might not work, or might put your baby in danger or worse, it might ruin a Dad’s reputation.

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