If there was ever a good excuse for not spending time with your children it’s this story.

Frank Roder was taking his five year old son Aiden to feed some ducks, but before he could put his Jeep Cherokee in park his son had already jumped out of the car and began running towards a steep embankment with a 35 ft drop.

Going into parental autopilot Roder jumped out of the car to save his son from falling. Although he was successful in saving his son, his Jeep wasn’t so lucky.

In the panic, Frank had forgotten to put the vehicle in park in favor of saving his sons life and turned around just in time to see the Cherokee nosedive off the embankment and splash into the water.

Just thankful that his son was safe, Roder hugged the boy and phoned the police. To his surprise, the officer at the scene handed him two tickets in exchange for his quick thinking and bravery, one for failure to produce an insurance card which was now somewhere in the murky lake (seriously) and the other for failing to apply the parking break.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Roder said. “He said, ‘If you would have taken the five seconds to apply the brake, this never would have happened!’

When Roder asked the officer what would have happened had he took the time to place his car in park and his son had perished he was promptly answered, ” jail for child endangerment. ” (well things are looking up then)

Even more horrid, is the reality that Frank had almost taken his six week old son Joel along for the trip who would have been in strapped into a carseat.

“At the last minute, I told my wife to take him,” Roder said. “I can’t even think about that.”

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