Gotta admit, Fergie has gotten in great shape this year and she’s dying to show it off. The july issue of Allure has plenty of photos of Fergie posing in different bikinis, but this black&white one stands out (don’t know, something to do with the allure of a swimsuit worn backwards…). Fergie is paying hommage to 1960’s model Peggy Moffit (albeit with more demure intentions). The same picture was shot in 1964 by Peggy’s husband, photographer William Claxton.


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4 thoughts on “Fergie shows off hot body for Allure Magazine

  1. Playa says:

    fergie’s ugly anyway, as most of these women are these days. take off the caked on makeup and it’s pure hell underneath. the only thing that sells these bitches now adays is tits and ass.

  2. chris says:

    I agree, Fergie has quite an ugly face unless she has just the right makeup and lighting.. why do you think she prefers to go around with her ass hanging out.

    Tested with my group of 5-6 guy friends, fergie = not hot


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