NBA Most Valuable Player LeBron James, a Cleveland Cavalier who is now a free agent, finally joined Twitter… hopefully to assuage his legions of fans begging to know what’s in store for his future. He’s literally the only good thing left in Cleveland, Ohio (a city that may be most famous for its own river catching on fire).

James joined the flood of sportsmen using the social networking site to connect with fans and friends as he set up an account “@KingJames”.

His first tweet was, “Hello World, the Real King James is in the Building, ‘Finally.'” Before his first post was even live, James had more than 70,000 followers, the number soon climbing to more than 100,000. James credited his buddy Chris Paul, a New Orleans Hornets guard, with persuading him to take to Twitter. Twitter also marked the account as confirmed – and offered a welcome to the newbie @Twitter: “Long live the king…. Welcome Lebron — aka @kingjames”.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t take the Shaq route and start posting videos of himself singing along to Rick James. Because that’s admiration and respect he’ll just never get back, and visuals we’ll never get out of our head.

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