The world’s most handsome man was arrested today, led away in handcuffs in front of the Sudanese embassy. George Clooney, movie star and philanthropist, was put under arrest at a protest on the streets of Washington DC against Sudan’s leader, alleged warlord Omar Al-Bashir.

George Clooney has been making his rounds in DC this week, using his unbelievable star power to draw attention to the atrocities taking place in Sudan. Clooney even testified for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about what he’s witnessed in Sudan. But, even more impressive, was his private meeting with President Obama.

Clooney was leading the protest today in front of the Sudanese Embassy. He was protesting for the Sudanese leader to allow humanitarian aid across the borders to help the citizens of the war torn country. The happenings in the country are truly sickening; women and children are raped, citizens are tortured, and genocide is an everyday occurrence. (I was going to post pictures of the Sudanese travestires in this post, but they were simply too graphic and too heartbreaking. If you’d like to see the images of the Sudanese people to know for yourself what is happening in this country, click here.)

And George isn’t all talk, as some celebrities who take part in humanitarian efforts are. He has been to Sudan six different times to witness what is happening for himself. His passion for the topic is palpable, and so it is no surprise that his passion led him to do what he did.

Accompanied by his father, Nick Clooney, George led the citizens to the steps of the Sudanese embassy, but when they crossed the ‘police’ line, that was it. They were both handcuffed and popped into the back of a paddy wagon. The awesome thing? George Clooney had a big ass grin on his face, which just makes him hotter, really. Wanna impress a lady? Go out and get arrested for a good cause. (The Daily Fix is not responsible for any arrests you may incur for listening to my sarcastic advice.)

In all honesty, though, what George did was right on and bad ass. He paid his hundred dollars though and was popped from lock-up. But, he wasn’t the only one that got arrested; John Pendergest, Martin Luther King III, and Al Green all got read their rights. But it’s been Clooney’s star power that has caused such a media uproar. And that’s EXACTLY what he wanted. He was quoted saying that ‘if it’s loud enough and you keep making it loud enough at the very least people will know about it.’ We definitely know about it now, too. If you want to help with this cause, visit George Clooney’s site,

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One thought on “George Clooney Arrested!!!

  1. brianshae says:

    I wanna hate this guy for being handsome, rich, surrounded by beautiful women, and friends with Brad…but then he goes and does shit like this. Id hit it.


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