Get A Saltwater Or Freshwater Tank?

Getting a New Fish Tank

Fish tanks can be great. They come in all sizes and are the perfect pets for a busy individual or one without a lot of space. If you have very little space, you can get a wall tank that is only about 8 inches in diameter that houses a beta. You can get all different kinds of fish from tetras to sharks that can coexist in harmony in a large tank. Getting a large tank can be a lot of fun but also can be a lot of work. You have to vacuum the tank once a week and drain 20 percent out of it which can take up to an hour. You also have to prepare the water with a conditioning solution that takes the chlorine out of it. This is just a freshwater tank, a saltwater tank is twice the work.

Starting your Tank

Setting up a Reef Aquarium which is a saltwater tank is more work than a freshwater tank. You have to establish the tank and build an ecosystem before you can even consider putting live fish in. First you have to create a living reef for your fish to live there. It will take 12 weeks to set up a reef. You have to do a 50 percent water change for the first few weeks and acclimate the live rocks. Once a few weeks has passed then you can add crabs and snails. Once that ecosystem is built you can start to add fish slowly. Constant testing of the water is necessary to ensure that your PH levels and saltwater are the proper levels for live fish.

For the first ten weeks it is a various mix of corals that are added until the 12th week when you can start to finally get real fish in there.

What kind of Fish Can I Add?

For starter fish, you can get an Ocellaris Clownfish which is a captive bred fish or is the fish in “Finding Nemo. You can get a few if you like. This fish is great because it is able to reproduce in a tank environment and is a hardy fish. Some fish are harvested in the wild which takes them out of their natural environment. That causes stress on the fish as well as the natural reefs. This fish is also a great community fish and gets a lot with many species of saltwater fish. Another easy to care for fish is the Blue Green Reef Chromis. He is a good fish for all experience levels. He’s peaceful and a great community fish. He can be kept with almost any fish or reef. The Kaudern’s Cardinal, also known as the Banggai Cardinalfish, is highlighted silver and has black stripes and white spots on his body with long fins. These fish are bred in Indonesia and Asia and can be bred fairly easily in a 30 gallon or larger tank with a cave. He can be aggressive towards conspecies. He doesn’t like large groups but a few other Cardinalfish in the tank are okay.

Which Tank is Good For Me?

A Freshwater only takes a week to set up while a saltwater takes 12 weeks. It is always best to start out with a community freshwater aquarium before venturing into the world of saltwater pets. It takes a lot of time and prep work to manage even a smaller saltwater tank. See how you do with a freshwater then see if you are ready to take on the ocean fish. You want your underwater friends to live long and healthy lives so learning the ins and outs of fish ownership is essential.

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