According to Fox News, Kendra Wilkinson’s wild swingin’ lifestyle is coming to an end.  The recently knocked up and married Playboy model is planning to settle down and focus on being a good, Christian mother.  Amazing how once you have kids of your own, you start to think that posing for smut mags and sharing a man with multiple women is no longer a good idea!  Thank God there are a million other bleach-blondes with low self-esteem out there for us to enjoy!

More from Fox News:

While Hugh Hefner’s 23-year-old former flame has led a pretty wild life (besides being Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend, the number of times she’s revealed her assets in public is well into the double digits), and said earlier this year that Baskett was helping her find God for the first time, she is determined to be a strict religious mama.

“Our child will definitely be Christian,” Wilkinson told Tarts last week, with Basket adding that they are going to be “very strict” yet still “spoil” their young ones at appropriate times.

“But they are going to have to earn it, we’re not just going to hand it to them. Most importantly, they have to keep good grades because school comes first and then everything else after that,” he explained. “Being a father is something I’ve always wanted and something Kendra and I have talked about from the time we met, we’re just truly excited and truly blessed to be becoming parents very soon. We pretty much fell in love right away and when you ask someone to marry you that means you really want them to be the woman in charge of your family, the person to be your teammate in raising the child.”

Although the expecting parents won’t find out until a few weeks what their first born’s gender is, they already have names prepared.

“If it’s a boy Hank the 4th and if it’s a girl Arianna, we love Arianna,” Wilkinson enthused. “I’m feeling so good, I’m in my 2nd trimester now at 14 weeks and I’m feeling like a whole new person, I feel great.”

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