It is after all the appropriate thing to do; not just get naked for money, but get naked for a cause (which still gets you your paycheck at the end of the shoot). And so while Australian Miranda Kerr had her body tied to a tree for the sake of the Koalas, Brazilian Gisele Bundchen had a glary-eyed henna painter (who somehow took way too long painting that wild flower in her pubic area) turn her into a jungle road-map for the sake of the Amazon (French Photo Magazine, June 2009).

We’re not sure if Gisele covered in a bunch of leaves helped reduce the deforestation of the Amazon…but damn it if we didn’t miss her sticking her ass out for Maxim and just simply inviting us to check out her hotness (Pretty please? And we promise to buy briefs made of hemp if she does it again).

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