Yep, ISTG, that’s what Thomas Brodnicki, Selena Gomez’ stalker is claiming. Brodnicki had been charged with felony stalking, but idiot– oops, um… incompetent¬†Judge Edmund Clark Jr. decided to drop the charges until Brodnicki could appear in court and defend himself against said charges. Um, yeah… not smart, your honor.

Because, now, Brodnicki is not only going to go along with the charges, he’s actually agreeing that he needs to be kept away from Selena. Brodnicki has signed a sworn declaration stating, ‘I believe that a restraining order should be issued against me to prevent me from trying to contact Selena Gomez. I do not wish to object to the restraining order against me because I know it is the only thing that will make me stay away from Selena.’

Some believe that he said this because he didn’t want to appear in court. But, that doesn’t mean the dude’s not batshit crazy. Brodnicki was picked up on a psychiatric hold last month by NYPD Detective Jose Viramontes, who stated, ‘He [Brodnicki] told me that he had over fifty conversations with God a day, about killing Ms. Gomez.’

Whether he wrote that statement to get out of court or not… this dude is obviously nuts. Has this judge never heard of Rebecca Schaeffer? Gianni Versacci? John effin’ Lennon?!?! For fucks sake, give that girl her restraining order!!!


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