More than 30 years after they divorced acrimoniously, Goldie Hawn’s second husband is taking revenge.

Bill Hudson has written a tell-all book in which he claims that Goldie was a drug addicted sex maniac with a penchant for European men and a habit of talking about herself in the third degree.

In his book ‘Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family’, Hudson writes that his first date with Hawn at a Chinese restaurant in 1975 took a turn for the strange when he belatedly discovered that the man sitting across from him at their table of four was Hawn’s husband.

He remarked to Hawn that the man, director Gus Trikonis, was acting rude.

“Gus is a f—ing a-hole,” the New York Post quoted Hudson as confiding.

“Oh, um, that’s my husband,” she said.

“I guess that was a sign of things to come,” Hudson wrote.

On the second date they went to a Rolling Stones concert where he claimed ‘a large plate of cocaine came by and she took a huge snort’.

Afterwards, he says, they had a 12-hour sex session, even though she was still married, and declared their love for one another.

He also writes about her habit of referring to herself in the third person with such phrases as: ‘Goldie will do whatever she wants, when she wants’.

And he claims that before their marriage, her father warned him: ‘Just watch yourself. I know she’s my daughter, but Goldie tends to want a different man for every mood she’s in.’

Hudson also alleges she mentioned her affairs with a number of European men and Warren Beatty – and begged him for an open marriage.

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