Thank you so much for visiting the second edition of my new segment, The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly!!! Which will show you the best, the worst, and the fugliest of the day’s hottest stories!!!

The Good: Let me be clear on this, I think female body builder’s are absolutely gag worthy! Muscles like that should only be on men; but, this one instance is a bit different. Why? Because, Jodie Marsh looks effin’ HOT in this naked pic. And on a motorcycle, too! Three words: Bitch Look Good! Notice, though, how she’s got her arms covered up. Good call, chica, cause those arms are just… uhck!!! But, all in all, this pic wins Jodie today’s The Good prize. I’m a female and all, but… Dayamn!!! Girl got it!!!

The Bad: Oh. My. Gawd! Kevin Federline’s moob sweat definitely wins him today’s BAD prize. (If I had the ability to hand out two Fugly awards, rest assured: he’d get it!) Really, though that’s just… eew. Ex Mr. Britney Spears has joined the cast of the Aussie spin-off to Celebrity Fit Club called Excess Baggage. And he definitely has some of that. Oh, and by the way, this picture isn’t of him after some strenuous workout; Nope. This is of him after he’s been sitting in an air conditioned jeep. Yeaaaaah… So, here’s to you K-Fed. We here at The Daily Fix wish you luck on your quest to lose some of those lbs… Cause your gonna need it!

The Fugly: Oh, this one is just TOO good. This is the reason K-Fed’s moob sweat got knocked up a notch. The winner of today’s Fugly award? Some stupid bitch who actually TATTOOED Drake’s name across her fucking forehead!!! The mystery woman walked into an LA tattoo parlor — with shaved hair and eyebrows, by the way — and demanded to get the ink tatted on her forehead. Drake, who was shown the tat by a reporter, was perturbed and shocked by the devotion shown by the mysterious woman (Although I’m she won’t go unnamed for long; she’s got a damn tattoo on her forehead for fuck’s sake!!!). He did, however, threaten to ‘fuck up’ the tattoo artist who performed the seriously botched inking. So, congrats, mystery woman — on being the fugliest idiot of the day… Crazy bitch…


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