Welcome back to The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly, my fellow fixers!

The Good — Wow… when did Kimora Lee Simmons get so damn hot? The 36 year old mother of three looked freakin stunning in a black bikini as she canoodled on the beach of St. Bart with her fam. Kimora was so hot in this set of pics that she didn’t just make this list, but she also made today’s Spank Bank!!! You deserve it girl, cause damn, you look good!!!

The Bad — Ah, yes. Another model, only this one doesn’t look as good as the one above. (Two models on the Bad list two days in a row? WHAT is going on?) Nina Restic frolicked on the beach of Miami… lookin’ fucking raunchy as hell! I’m sorry, but do you see her smoking a ciggie and picking her twot? Umm… EWW!!! They make a cream for that, you know. AND, look at her freakin’ stomach when she leans over! Have you guys ever seen that episode of Spongebob Squarepants where they have that tanned seal? Well — long story short — a woman in the episode goes, ‘Look at his skin… it’s soooo leathery.’ Yeah, that’s what this bitch’s skin reminds me of. PLUS she has a pimple on her ass. ‘Nuff said…

The Fugly — I’m sure you guys are goin… am I supposed to recognize this hoe? Well, no, you probably don’t recognize her. But her face was so shot to shit that I had to put her on The Fugly list. You would, however, recognize her brother. You know, that foxy, British soccer player with that sexy, posh wife? David Becham; yeah, that’s it! Well, this scary looking skank is his older sister, Lynne Beckham. Sad, isn’t it? What money, a workout, and a decent dentist can get somebody. Poor thing… she’s still fugly, though.


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