Hello again, my gossip friends! Today, just as yesterday was, may be a bit different than normal because I’m hopped up on meds. Yeah, I think I’m meaner when I’m drugged up. Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we? Here are the day’s best, worst, and fucking ugliest pics and peeps of the day!

The Good — Yup, this pic is an old one. But you know what? No one even came close to being this kind of sexy today! I ran across Brooklyn Decker’s Sports Illustrated shot and nearly… well, never mind. I almost gave away a bit too much personal information there. Anyway, I don’t care how old this picture is; this chick still topped the rest of today’s sexiest stars, so I’m givin’ it to you Brooklyn Decker — whoever the hell you are — for being one hot and sexy bi-otch!!!

The Bad — Okay. I take it back. Coco’s little red number I posted a couple weeks ago has got nothing on this mess. Jennifer Nicole Lee, sweetie… you look like shit! I can practically see the lips of your labia, chica, and that is a problem… a BIG problem. It’s like, either go nude and show us your coot or keep it covered up! Seriously. Because when they do shit like this, it just makes them look like trashy whores. Had she been naked I probably would’ve been like OMFG — this is one bangable bitch. But… she didn’t, and therefore, she’s not. So either show us what you got or keep the shit covered up, because this look is just raunchy as fuck!!!

The Fugly — You know, I hate bashing Lady Gaga. She has such a distinct style, and I really dig her individuality. But… What the FUCK is this? This look she was sporting at an after party is simply atrocious. Why? Seriously, what is wrong with her? I mean, don’t you remember bashing the hell out of Marilyn Manson back in the day for all the crazy shit he did? And then, before that even, we were bashing Ozzy Osbourne. But, I’m here to tell ya, Ozzy and Marilyn ain’t got SHIT on Lady Gaga, m’kay? Cause this chick is… well… straight FUGLY!!!

Thanks for reading my rant, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more narcotic-induced celebrity bashing!


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