Gwyneth Paltrow visited the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to promote her new gym in NYC (Tracey Anderson, Madonna’s trainer is the co-owner)…and went baby-oil crazy.

We can only assume that she just wanted to pinpoint our attention to her toned legs and help us visualize the effects her new gym can have on our bodies…if we are willing to part with $4,500 for the annual membership fee(did we miss the part where Gwyneth will be personally wiping the sweat off our pecks to justify the high price tag?) and the hundreds of dollars in additional monthly fees (her gym is actually struggling to recruit members and management has been reduced to cold-calling New Yorkers and asking them to go in for a consultation).

We’re not only broke, we’re a little bit lazy…so if we ever manage to save up that much, we’ll just have a surgeon suck out all the fat juice we want in a jiffy…and while we’re asleep for that matter…and for that desired toning effect, we’ll just use a self-tanner to draw in a 4-pack…er, make it a 6-pack…it is a competitive world after all…

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