Child Endangerment. Battery. Verbal Abuse. Physical Abuse. All of these charges are being looked into when it comes to Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, male model Gabriel Aubry. Halle has filed a lawsuit against her ex, and the police are now looking into the battery and child endangerment accusations. But, what did all of this stem from?

Apparently, an altercation took place last Wednesday between the nanny and Nahla’s father, Gabriel. The fight started because the nanny had not been alerted to the fact that Gabriel had kept the child home from school for two days because she was ill. A source close to the situation said ‘The nanny went to pick Nahla up at school and she wasn’t there, so she went to Gabriel’s home… Gabriel and the nanny got into an argument because no one alerted her that Nahla didn’t go to school.’ The source then claims that things got even worse with the verbal abuse quickly escalating into the physical.

The source continued, saying, ‘She picked up Nahla to leave and Gabriel yelled at her and shoved her out the door so hard that she hit the wall — while she had Nahla in her arms.’ And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the child endangerment comes in. Gabriel, so angry with the nanny, went on a cursing tirade, telling the woman ‘You’re the f****** nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don’t need to f****** know anything.’ Yes, developments in this case will be quite… interesting.


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