Happiness Is the Essence of Life  

Happiness is a birthright for everyone. We are literally born to live and be happy about it. It is in the pattern of how the universe works.

Nowadays, people are way too busy and distracted with trying to cope up with the fast-paced world we are living on. People, chill! There’s really no reason for you to do this kind of things. Sure, we may be afraid to get caught in the midst of things and get lost in a moment of uncertainty in time where we no longer consider ourselves as part of the society we are living on, but who cares. The thing that you need to be thinking the most about is how and what you can actually do to be happy. Being happy about your current situation is the best achievement you can have in life.

Maybe the biggest realization that we can have is that it is okay to be happy even if you’re in a tight situation and that you can train yourself to be happy, guilt-free from fear and other limiting emotions and beliefs that we would normally consider since we’re just people striving to survive in this cruel world.

The amygdala, the oldest part of our brain, still has the fight-and-flight responses necessary for survival. We actually use this part of our brains when the going got tough and things get a little shaky for us to handle. See, we are built and programmed to handle anything that comes in our way. So, there’s really no reason to panic about anything. We can get through any situation and be happy about it along the way.

Most often than not, people would almost always think negatively. It’s an automatic response from us. It is an old programmed response that is stored and locked into our subconscious mind.

Despite this, we are still growing in awareness and our perspectives of the world and our own selves are constantly changing. A lot of us are moving way beyond the need to be critical, to focus more on the actual problem and fight in order to survive. Currently, there is a growing realization that we can attain successful lives by simplyfocusingon the energies of contentment,gratitude, acceptance, and love.

These higher energies are proof that everything that true will flow easily. Happiness evolves through the practice of self-acceptance, non-judgement, and love.

At this point, we are living under certain circumstances that greatly requires us to be thinking as positively as we can in order for us to survive and adapt to it. We cannot live by just mourning at out misfortunes. We need to treat these situations at fuel for our success. In order for us to do this, we need to be more appreciative of life. Life, as cruel as it may be, is a joy and a gift to us. The living is the sweetest thing that one can have. So let us enjoy this benefit by staying strong and being happy at all times possible.

Happiness gives you the opportunity to be yourself and connect yourself to your true self. It gives us a more positive feeling that we certainly need to face any obstacle or challenge blocking up our way. When you experience happiness despite being in the midst of problems and dilemma, then you have a very strong and resilient mind and heart that would really steer you to success in the near future.

This rule applies to everybody. Whatever your job is, wherever you might be on your way, once you have adapted towards the tune into the feeling of happiness and make it a part of your reality, you will have the capacity to show and gain achievements in all aspects of your life.

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