Who’s idea was this? How odd was the first guy that woke up, painted his face white, put on a big red nose, big red shoes, giant white cul-de-sac on top of his head, surrounded by red, curly, twirls of hair…“What are you doing? What’s with the bike horn?” “Just trust me.”

For some reason, whenever I think about anything creepy my mind always…ALWAYS, wanders somehow back to these circus demons. Just thinking about it makes me Hershey squirt.

Ronald McDonald, cheeseburger pushin creepy.

Jack from Jack In The Box, sourdough pushin creepy.

Jack In The Music Box, early childhood creepy.

Homie The Clown, Wayans creepy.

The clown from the movie Poltergeist, toy clown creepy, and honorable mention, that thing from the SAW franchise, not Jigsaw but that tricycle riding creepy guy.

Insane Clown Posse, musically creepy.

Krusty the Clown, cartoon creepy

It, Stephen King, classic creepy

William H. Gacy, murderous creepy

The list goes on and on…I do need to say however for some reason though the Joker doesn’t scare me, despite the fact he is the most maniacal, creepy, evil clown of all. Maybe because he’s make believe but in a cool Batman kicks ass, sorta way? Maybe cause I think Harley Quinn is somewhat sexy? Did I just say that out loud?



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