Lil Wayne is free, and he still has a herd of adoring fans behind him. Lil Wayne left Rikers Island prison in New York early this morning, after eight months of his one-year sentence on gun charges. Wayne has maintained contact with the public through his website, where post after post, he thanks those who support him for their kind words, prayers and naughty pictures and underwear. The comments section of the website is littered with adoration for the hip-hop hero and father of 234 bastard kids.

I for one am just hoping that maybe Lil Whatever will finally get a vasectomy. How many illegitimate kids can a man have before he figures out how to use a condom?

Even former President Bill “Cigar” Clinton spoke of Lil’s release with the 96.1 Kiss morning radio show… Say what you want about his trade tariff reforms, when it comes to hip hop, Bill Clinton was our dopest president. Suck on that, Lincoln.

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One thought on “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Lil Wayne Is Out of Prison

  1. c arlos says:

    Im glad he’s out. he’s probably more sober and ready to make more hits for me to booty dance with at the club. BTW its everyone’s right to own arms of any sort, its in the constitution. and we would be waaaayyy better off if we remembered that.


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