Hiphop On Heels

When we hear hip-hop, we immediately think of street-style dancing and b-boy. Hip hop has evolved and has gone through a lot of mix and matches and changes that led to the genres we know of today. We are talking about cramping, breaking, locking, popping, jazz-funk, jerkin, turfing, lyrical and many more.

Guess creativity never ends, right? This is what brought a group of young Filipino dancers called Junior New System to the yet peak of their career in the world stage. Recently, a group of 9 boys from a small barangay in Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines brought home the title Grand Champion Performer of the World in the only annual talent olympics –World Championships of Performing Arts in Long Beach California last July 18, 2016. The group was able to beat representatives from more than 50 countries around the world. Bringing home the trophy in the overall dancing category, Junior New System got the overall ‘Performer of the World’ title and won over competitors of different categories – modelling, acting, singing, and variety acts. The boys all received a dance scholarship in The Millenium Dance Complex, a dance art school in Los Angeles, California and will all fly back to United States next year for a championship turnover in the world competition in 2017.

These boys did not have the chance to undergo a formal training in dance as they came from a small barangay and could not afford expensive dance trainings. But fearlessly, these young men went out of the box and created their own hiphop style that no one could easily copy – hiphop in heels.

There are already popular dance done in heels but these boys, they dared to wear heels and keep the hard drops of their hiphop moves. Giving their winning piece a touch of whack, but keeping the heavy krump, tumbling, and backflips – Junior New System wowed the judges of the prestigious world championships of talents.

The 9-member group won a total of 45 gold medals; 3 overall division winner trophies; and 2 champion plaques.

Junior New System conquered the dance category winning gold over 3 dance styles: contemporary, hiphop, and open style competition. They also got the 3 division awards for the mentioned dance styles. They got the Senior Dance Group Champion of the World award and took home the aim of all competing performers, the overall award — Senior Grand Champion Performer of the World.

Prior to their victory over the World Championships of Performing Arts in 2016, the group first draw attention by earning a golden buzzer and going straight to the finals of the variety talents competition in Asia – Asia’s Got Talent Season 1 in 2015.

Behind the success story of these young dreamers is a story unknown to many. Before their breakthrough, there wasn’t a dance career. There was a group of boys living in a small residential area in Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines. Living near a train rail, the boys would play around jumping on a dumpster for.

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