“On the first day of Christmas
The Daily Fix sent to me
A hottie by a Christmas tree

On the second day of Christmas
The Daily Fix sent to me
Two hot friends with a candy cane
And a hottie by a Christmas tree

One the third day of Christmas
The Daily Fix sent to me….oh you get the point.”

We present you with the 12 hottest Santa babes! We know you don’t want clothes AGAIN for Christmas. How many pairs of socks do you really need? Plus they just get holes in them, or they get dirty and you’re left with a crappy Christmas gift. So, we are giving you the gift that just keeps giving and giving, PICTURES OF HOT WOMEN CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS! No unwrapping is involved, so you won’t have to clean up all that damn wrapping paper, is that not the most annoying thing ever?  This gift will never break, and you will never lose it (just be sure you bookmark this page.)

We don’t want any sugar cookies or milk in return. Just for you to keep visiting our site and during this Christmas be sure to keep The Daily Fix in your hearts….and browsers.




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