Is it just us, or have women in Hollywood gone sluttier? This is the little pornstar in them talking, but it’s disguised under high-end fashion. It’s the new Hollywood trend: 80’s spandex or shiny dresses with a madman’s scissors applied to them. As long as no ass crack, crotch or nipples are on show, everything else is a go, including 90% of the butt cheek area (Leighton Meester recently showed us a new version of the sumo wrestler).

Check out Heather Graham at the Hangover premiere and Kristin Kavallari at Warner Bros 70th anniversary screening of the Wizard of Oz  both wearing the same “sneak peek into my naked body” dress.

And let’s not forget Fergie in her uber mini sequined cut-out dress that she wore for The Letterman Show the other night (warning to those with epilepsy:Do not stare at Fergie’s shiny dress for too long or you might start foaming at the mouth). Don’t worry, there’s bound to be panty-flashing pictures of this one pretty soon…no way she made it for the whole segment without uncrossing her legs…


One thought on “Hollywood goes gaga for peekaboo flesh

  1. Fanchon says:

    That top picture, of the dress with the slits in it, is obviously not slits. The tan color is a completely different shade than that of the girl’s skin. Hah.


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