Home Remedies To Flush Out Weed Toxins

Whatever your reasons are, flushing out toxins of weed will get you a healthier body. If you’ve taken and you finally decide to flush it out of your body, you could use some home remedies that are not hard to do. Detoxing the body is a process we try to do naturally. So, it will take some time so if want to achieve it faster, some planning will be of great help. Nonetheless, natural detox will give you great results if done consistently.

1. Some good reason to drink some alcohol

beer (2)

Drinking alcohol makes your body release fluid more often. A glass or two of wine or beer will help you in your detoxing. The drugs or weed will be flushed out but alcohol will show in the test. So, you have to make sure it will be fine.

2. Creatine


Creatine simply speeds up the flushing process and you can buy it from supplement stores. Usually, people take 100mg of it each day to get to a detox deadline.

3. Vinegar


Vinegar is an effective acid that helps the digestive system let go of toxins like THC. Some people mask the taste by mixing it with lemon juice or cayenne pepper. Taking vinegar might change the pH level of the body and can be harmful when taken irresponsibly. But with proper consumption, it helps a lot in body detoxifying.

4. Water


There is no liquid as effective as water in making you urinate quicker to release toxins faster. It’s recommended to take atleast a gallon each day for a week in proportions. This will definitely speed up your cleansing process.

5. Aspirin


Take two to four aspirins four to six hours before a drug test. It will make THC undetectable during the test. Aspirin basically absorbs chemicals as they leave your body. It takes hold of metabolites before they get to the sample urine for the drug test.

6. Cranberry Juice


Cranberry juice has natural nutrients that flush out sodium and other toxins from the body. It is an organic diuretic and it is most effective when taken regularly or atleast 3 days before the test. Hopefully, toxins do not get detected by the time of test.

7. Green Tea


Green tea and other herbal tea, as it has always been very beneficial to the body, are great detoxifiers that will help your liver and general health. It makes your body eliminate waste regularly and has high overall health benefits. The same way that green teas are used for weight loss detox, it speeds up metabolism and helps your system digest faster, cleanse faster, and get rid of unhelpful toxic substance in the body.

8. Intensive Exercise and Sauna


Sweating out is helpful in excreting leftover toxins that aren’t flushed out from the body. It gets out marijuana and other toxins out especially those that are stored in fat cells. Intensive exercise do not only focus on your digestive track but makes use of a lot of muscles to move. It makes your cells pumping and active and benefits the flow of blood in your body.

Sauna, on the other hand, will get you sitting but will squeeze out your cells and even eliminate fate cells including the amount of toxins stored in there. A sauna, an intensive workout, or anything that lets you sweat definitely helps in detoxifying your body.

These does not only apply to marijuana toxins but also to drugs and other toxins your body might have held. If you know for yourself that you have it in, you better start your detox before the need for a test.

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