Well, I liked sharing hotties with you all so much yesterday that I thought I would make it an everyday thing. Today has a solid list of hotties showing off their bodies for your viewing pleasure. Let’s get to it.

First we have…

Kristen Bell: Kristen Bell is a cute little package and she gives us a sneak peek in a teaser clip of her new show, ‘House of Lies.’ I think she is awesome, so I am very happy that she is getting her own show. I’ll be even happier if she is naked a lot in it.

Elisabetta Gregoraci: I know what you’re thinking, who the heck is this chick? Well, she is a Wonderbra model, of course! Why wouldn’t she be? You can see in the pictures below that she is having a good ol’ time just flaunting her body around. Thank you, Elisabetta.

Alexandra Stan: From what I can tell, Alexandra is a Romanian singer-songwriter. I’ve never listened to any of her songs because I don’t like listening to crap. However, I do like looking at beautiful women and she is definitely that.

Cindy Crawford: She is an aging hottie, but she is still a hottie. You can see her on the beach and it looks like she still has it, the little cleavage she is showing is working. But, I am not digging the ugly ass hat, is her hair turning gray or something? What is she trying to hide?


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