How To Give the Best Birthday Surprise For Your Partner


Admit it, if you’ve been with your partner for a very long time, you’re probably running out of ideas on how to surprise him or her. In terms of gifts, you probably have given her everything that she wants. So how then can you your partner the surprise birthday he or she deserves?
Well, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves, so here are other ways to give your partners the best birthday surprise ever.

1. Reminisce

One thing every person would appreciate is a little bit of history. For this one, you can bring your partner in a memorable spot, where you first met or your first date or the place where you had your first kiss! It’s the venue that matters here. You can set up a fancy dinner with balloons and gifts and even a quartet, but what will make this surprise the best one is the fact that you’ve made an effort to prepare everything in a very special place for the both of you.

2. Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves a little challenge. So why not prepare an intricate treasure hunt before your partner can get to your final surprise. But what will make a treasure hunt fun is the effort you and your partner’s family and friends will put into it. Along the way, people can get involved in specific tasks or in solving puzzle. To do this, it’s good to choose a venue where there will be obstacle courses or team building activities. It’ll be fun for you, your partner and everyone involved. At the end of the day, your surprise may be a simple candlelit dinner or Tiffany and company jewelry, but the fun and adrenalin of the whole day of fun and activity will make it an extra memorable day.

3. Buy a star

And I’m not talking about a star pillow o anything else but the real celestial body star from the sky! Yes, you can do that now. If you’ve already given her everything, then a star is the next best thing. You can choose a star from the sky and if you’re lucky that no one else have bought it yet, you can name it after the one you love and keep that star as your property for the rest of your lives. But of course you cannot bring it home with you, but you can always look up and find that bright spot that will remind you both of your love for each other.

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