How to Impress Girls on Your Second Date


The science of dating is not as easy as it sounds. After surviving that awkward first dates, the lucky ones will have to continue to impress the person on their second date. And contrary to popular beliefs, second dates are as crucial as the first.
There’s still no room for mistake, you cannot over share information and you cannot be too silent as well. So, how do you impress your date the second time around? We’ve asked experts to share their ideas on how to survive your second date with flying colors that will help you score a third one.

1. Be more intimate on the second date

We’re not telling you to go ahead and kiss her on the lips, but try, as much as possible, to reach out t her and to touch her in the friendliest possible way. Hold her hand while handing her the salt, touch her shoulder when you’re talking about something, brush her arms while you’re saying something. Being a bit intimate on the second date means both of you are getting more comfortable with each other. Just make sure you do it with good intentions and not to over do it. There’s a thin line that will decide for your future here, so make sure you start with friendly gestures that aren’t offensive and won’t make you look like a pervert.

2. Give her a gift

During the first date, it might be weird to get her something aside from flowers since you don’t know a lot about this person. But second dates are different stories. You have had that conversation, you probably have an idea what she loves to read, watch or what her favorite color is. Use your first date as a head start to give her a small token. It doesn’t have to be expensive, what matters is that you get her something close to her heart. Buy her that book she said she like, or get her one of those cheesecakes that she really like. Or maybe, get her the same shade of lipsticks similar to what she wore the first time around. By doing this, she’ll appreciate you more, not because of the material thing but because you’re paying attention and you exert the effort to find her something special.

3. Flirt more

During the first date, you both are reserved and careful. But the fact that you reached the second date it automatically means there’s a level of mutual interest coming from both of you so a little more flirting wont hurt. Reveal more details about you, but not too much. Tease your date and eventually, you’ll realize that you have reached the level of mutual flirting and that there’s a good a chance for a third date here.

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