Back in college I learned a few things here and there. However, the most important thing that I learned while enrolled in my Party 101 course, was that drunk people were funny, especially drunk chicks.  Fraternity Road just off campus was always going off with random parties. I loved the energy, the smell of booze and Del Taco.  I loved the decor of plastic red cups in plain view just about anywhere you looked. I loved most of all the sound of music, thumping through the walls…usually this meant there was a pack of drunk chicks dancing by the speakers.

It was always funny to see some girls dancing, if only they could dance to the beat of the music. That would have been sexy. That would have been a turn on. But instead we had a room full of Elaine’s dancing from Seinfeld. (Google it.)  At some point, one of the ‘Elaines’ and I would make eye contact and then followed by hugs, “OMFG! It’s so good to see you! When did you get here? Let’s have a drink! WooooooooHOOOOOOOO!” Now you might think that I like drunk girls because they are easy prey. Or maybe because at this point on the alcoholic meter they were definitely DTF…but no, the part that I enjoyed most was when they disappeared and then reappeared towards the end of the night, either throwing up or passed out, hugging a tree or on the front lawn. Those are the girls I remember. I also thought it was pure awesomeness if they passed out with bottle in hand. (Kelly S, I found her dressed up as Wonder Woman, passed out in a tree, still holding a bottle of peppermint schnapps. Vanessa A. I found her moaning on the kitchen floor saying how thirsty she was as she lapped water out of the dog bowl.) I could probably fill an entire roster and make a drunk girl Olympic Team if it were a sport.  It is just amazing to see these girls now on my Facebook, for the most part happily married with kids. I’m just happy they’re we’re all alive and that we are able to look back on those days and laugh about it.


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