If you have been following, ‘Teen Mom 2’ this season, then you will understand the title. The show follows four teen moms living their ever so dramatic lives. The four teen moms are, Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn and Leah. All of them have two things in common; they have babies and they have a lot have trouble with boys. Let me give you a little information on all of them…


The Idiots.


Jenelle: She is insane. If Gary Busey had a baby with himself, she’d be the result. She is currently fighting an addiction to weed, which makes no sense. On the most recent episode she actually goes to rehab for her weed addiction! Who does that? She also gets into a lot of fights with her mom and just about anyone else who has a beating heart.

Jenelle has been seeing a guy named, ‘Kieffer.’ He has no job, no personality and no brains. I am convinced she only went out with him because his name rhymes with, ‘reefer.’

Chelsea: Slightly less insane than Jenelle, but just as stupid. I am pretty sure she carries around a button that automatically changes her hair color. She has her rich dad wrapped around her finger because he pretty much gives her anything she wants. She brings out her inner idiot every time Adam (her baby daddy) shows his frightening face.

Their “relationship” might be the saddest thing to hit TV since the Roast of Flavor Flav. It’s obvious to everyone watching that Adam has no interest in Chelsea…well obvious to everyone except Chelsea. Every two weeks he decides to troll her poor little heart just to get his face on TV. It’s actually quite hilarious.

The Sluts.


Kailyn: She is similar to one of those new Pretzel M&M’s. She looks normal from the outside and even acts normal most of the time, but then you bite into her and realize there is a f**king slutty pretzel inside.

Let me quickly break it down for you. Kailyn had a baby with a guy named Jo; they ended up breaking up shortly after the baby was born. However, Kailyn was still living at his house. Some time later she started dating a co-worker and lied to Jo’s family about it. Eventually they found out and basically kicked her out of the house. She moved in with her mom for a short time, but now has her own place.

Anyway, she has been dating her co-worker (Jordan) for most of the new season. Things seem to be perfectly fine, but in the last episode her sluttieness came out. You see her ex Jo started coming over to her house during the week to visit their son. And, apparently Kailyn just could not control herself because by the second visit she was already in bed with Jo, cheating on Jordan.

Leah: She is the biggest slut of all. We learned last season that she had cheated on the father of her children, Corey. Naturally, they broke up and went their separate ways. However, she begged Corey to take her back and he finally did. They got married a short time later and moved into their own house, things were looking up! But, in the past two episodes their relationship started going down hill.

Then, in the most recent episode the hill ended and they crashed right into the ground. Why? Well, because Corey found out that Leah cheated on him again! This time a week before their wedding. She used the popular excuse of “feeling lonely and worthless” she says Corey wasn’t giving her enough attention at the time.

I totally understand that. When my right hand starts to slack off on some of its duties, I just give it a break and go to my left hand. It’s the most logical thing to do.


The Biggest Idiot?

Me: For watching the show.

Zachary is an aspiring writer and an avid cereal eater. He has published articles on pretty much everything in his short writing career, and prides himself on not being limited to any one category. His number one goal is a simple one: to entertain. He loves feedback...trust me I know him. :)

3 thoughts on “The Idiots & Sluts of Teen Mom 2

  1. Teenslutmomwatcher says:

    Whoot! All true buddy, all true! I can’t stop watching these hoebaggin morons constantly ruin their lives…I hate em but can’t stop watching this [email protected] on Nutflix

  2. Cambridgewarrior says:

    I hate teen whore mom and 16 and pregnant and the kardashians and other stupid reality tv shows these days and including buck wild, jersey shore, housewives, honey boo boo and others!


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