Here are a few photos of Cristiano Ronaldo’s 24-year-old Russian supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk in the December issue of GQ Spain. Over the holiday weekend the sexy 14-page spread made headlines when Shayk and her modeling agency claimed she was airbrushed to appear nude in three of the pictures. According to The Daily Mail, she’s threatening to sue the magazine for a breach of contract that included a “no Photoshop” clause. But the magazine says Shayk and her agency agreed that she would take nude shots – and they say they got the documentation to prove it on their blog:

Irina posed nude for GQ — Irina knows it, Elite knows it, the photographer knows it, and so do the stylists and the fifteen witnesses who attended the photo shoot.

We chose one of the world’s leading photographers, known for the quality of his photos and never for any scandals, Vincent Peters. Among his portraits are names like Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova, Adriana Lima, Liz Hurley, Natalia Vodianova, Mariah Carey and Charlize Theron.

We have the contract, more than 15 witnesses who saw that Irina agreed to undress for the session, we have the original naked photos of Irina … What other evidence is needed? The facts, witnesses, original documents, photos … Why lie for lying?

At this point, we don’t know whom to believe (though gut instinct tells us that Shayk and her publicist Lorenzo Martone may have wanted to drum up some press). But we really don’t care either, as far as we are concerned we got some nude pictures of Irina now that shall be completely coverd with our spunk in about 4 minutes.


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