Happy St. Patricks Day!  Though I’m pretty sure most of you are not Irish (Happy National Corndog Day too, though I’m pretty sure most of you are not corndogs either.)  I thought I would take a moment to explain the history behind the holiday.  So now you can pretend to know your sh!t when you go out tonight pretending you’re an Irishman. This is not a holiday to celebrate Irish Independence Day as many people believe.  St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday, obviously celebrating St. Patrick.  AND YES DRINKING BEER IS PART OF THE CELEBRATION! (for all those religious nuts claiming otherwise)

Here it is in brief…Ok ready?  Back around 400 A.D. St Patrick returned to Ireland as a Bishop after living his life as a kidnapped slave to Irish Raiders.  He used a shamrock to represent the holy trinity of the church. People wore shamrocks to represent their unity to the Saint.  (This is why we wear green)  Originally blue was the Saints color of choice but since there weren’t any blue shamrocks,  the color eventually went to green…still with me?  The day was celebrated with church services, wearing green and the lifting of certain things that were not allowed during the rest of the year (*Like Drinking Alcohol)…So yes it is encouraged and your religious obligation to chug down a warm one!  Not a cold one since they didn’t have electricity to power their Kenmore appliances back then.  Ok now go out there and share!  I’m pretty sure you now know more about the day and it’s origins,  than Lucky the Leprechaun and his bowl of marshmallow goodness.  Enjoy your day and get back to your business, oops I mean Guinness.


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