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We’re not sure if there are actually nude beaches in Miami, but we sure as heck know they’re everywhere in Italy. If Italian-born actress Carla Velli got confused and took her top off out of habit, well who are we to tell her to put it back on?   We haven’t checked out any of her films, but after these pics, our Netflix queue just got about 5 inches longer.

3 thoughts on “Italian hottie Carla Velli topless on Miami beach

  1. Luis Smith says:

    Of course there are nude beaches in miami!!! fully nude beaches some places…but topless is allowed everywhere. even right off ocean drive. actually i should say ESPECIALLY on south beach off ocean drive lol. tanlines = :(

  2. Tampa says:

    “topless is allowed everywhere”….hhmmmm not really, ONLY on South beach and the only nude beach is down the way called “Haulover” and that pretty much sums up all the topless and nude public beaches in the whole US. sadly…. but yes the boobulas do flop freely on South beach…


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