You know when you see those lame “STARS THEY’RE JUST LIKE US!” stories in the national celeb rags? And they’re doing something boring like, taking out the trash, eating a sandwich, or drinking Starbucks? We think this is officially the first time that they could run that same feature in a magazine targeted for homeless people …

32-year-old Jaime Pressly of “My Name is Earl” fame proved her southern roots run strong after being spotted leaving a bit of a rear tailstream in front of a trendy LA gay and lesbian bar The Abbey. Oh but wait! There’s more, and yes it involves her lawyer, who claimed Jamie was just completing “dare number 8” at her bridal shower. She continued, “Things are not always what they seem. Notice my hand in the back? It’s pouring a bottle of water! C’mon guys! Do you think I would really pee in the entry way to the Abbey in broad daylight!’

Well yes, we actually did.

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