Just last month James Gandolfini had to take an emergency break because he choked on his own saliva while delivering his lines for “God Of Carnage” on Broadway, and just this weekend he had to stop the show because he forgot his lines and couldn’t stop giggling about it.

The former Sopranos actor had to repeat a scene for the Sunday (07Jun09) matinee comedy about about two warring couples, when the he and co-star Hope Davis forgot their lines and couldn’t stop chuckling about it.

Davis, whose character was about to vomit, buried her head in a bowl while Gandolfini turned his back to the audience.

Trying to regain his composure, Gandolfini announced to the crowd, “Hey guys, sorry, but we’re gonna have to start this over.”

But the second mishap didn’t upset the audience – they gave the cast a standing ovation at the end of Sunday’s show.

Gandolfini’s ongoing run in God of Carnage marks his first return to the Broadway stage since 1992, when he enjoyed a six-month stint in a production of On the Waterfront.

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