Recently Will Smith posted a cast reunion picture for, ’The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.’ on his facebook page. That seems harmless enough, yeah? Wrong. There was someone missing from that photo, someone who has bashed Will Smith in the past. This someone is Janet Hubert who played, ’Aunt Vivian’ for the first three years of the show. She apparently cannot stand Will Smith and she says there will never be a true reunion because she won’t even speak to him without an apology. But, Janet Hubert points out that there will never be an apology because he, “doesn’t know the word.”

She also had this to say to TMZ…

“He is still an egomaniac and has not grown up. There will never be a reunion…as I will never do anything with an asshole like Will Smith.”

Ouch. I have to say she looks like the asshole/egomaniac in this whole thing. Even, if he was a little full of himself, who is the one holding a grudge for almost 20 years? I mean, shit get over it! Start a little garden or something, do some Yoga. Something to chill your old grumpy ass bones. I always thought Aunt Vivian seemed a little bitchy, always telling Uncle Phil what he could or couldn’t eat. Maybe he liked being fat, Vivian! EVER THINK OF THAT?

When she left the show in 1993 and started spreading these rumors around, Will Smith fired back at her on an Atlanta radio show, ‘Hubert once said: I’ve been in the business for 10 years and this snotty-nosed punk comes along and gets a show!“ He goes on to say that no matter what he does, she will always think of him as the “AntiChrist.”

I think we all know who the “egomaniac” is here and it’s not the Fresh Prince, it’s the Fresh Bitch.

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