Jedi’ A New Trending Religion In Australia?


There’s a new religion formed that has a force so strong that makes it thrive and spread like wildfire. But is it really a religion? In Australia, more and more people are converting into the controversial Jedi religion.

In 2002, BBC reported that more than 70,000 people in Australia are declaring Jedi as their new religion, an obvious reference to the Star Wars movie franchise. But don’t be too quick to judge, some say people are listing Jedi in order to support a cause that is seeking approval to make Jedi an official religion.

Although many have done it, some say that due to their lack of religious affiliations people write Jedi as a religion in their census or official government forms. This might have increased the confusion when it comes to Jedi being a religion.

Jump to 2016, when the Australian government does consistent census to their population, some people are lobbying to make Jedi and official religion. According to Mashable, the supposedly fun and harmless initiative to make Jedi a religion is now reached an “alarming” number of followers.

Today, atheist and other movements are actually lobbying against the use of Jedi in their census forms. This means, the Jedi following has indeed grown prompting the opposite group to lobby against it, like the Don’t Mark Yourself as Jedi movement, who is obviously opposed to the idea.

A chunk of the population is not thrilled to see people using Jedi and writing it as a religion. And it has been going on for years! This is not something that has started recently; it has been going around since the early 2000.

The Atheist Foundation of Australia also opposes the listing of Jedi as a religion in the nationwide census forms. They said it affects the religious reputation of Australia, even if it were written as a joke.

But joke or not, people have a will to believe in whatever they want to believe in. In the science of religion people are expected to clash especially those with different and opposing beliefs. No one is prohibited to believe in whatever they want to believe in, just make sure you know what you’re getting into and that you aren’t just falling for a joke that has grown out of proportion.

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