Ever wonder what it is like to be on the set of a big blockbuster film? Well, apparently it is not as glamorous as you might think. Jennifer Lawrence (one of the stars of ’The Hunger Games’) talked about how she “roughed it” while filming the movie.

“I peed in the woods. But there’s only portapots around and we’re in heavily wooded areas. I was in the woods and we had disposable toilet paper. I was raised peeing in the woods! We were shooting long hours and sometimes I would show up with the same blood and dirt on from the day before because I was tired. So I didn’t shower, I wasn’t very clean.”

Is it wrong that I am a little turned on by that story? It probably is. Anyway, peeing in the woods doesn’t sound THAT scary, but what if you added bears to the mix?

“There were bears there and lots of them, including mothers and baby bears. There were also wild turkeys, who were funny. We had an assistant director who had to run around and scare the turkeys away. But after awhile, they weren’t scared of him anymore.”

Sounds like my dating life. Go around chasing wild women and constantly scaring them all away, except they are all still terrified of me…ah that’s life though.

Zachary is an aspiring writer and an avid cereal eater. He has published articles on pretty much everything in his short writing career, and prides himself on not being limited to any one category. His number one goal is a simple one: to entertain. He loves feedback...trust me I know him. :)

2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Peed in the Woods While Filming ‘The Hunger Games’

    • Zachary Row says:

      Lots of people take pictures of themselves in bikinis/lingerie but we post a lot of articles about that, as well.

      I think the “big deal” here is that you wouldn’t expect a big movie star to be peeing in the woods…while a giant wild turkey chases her.


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