She’s lost the battered-and-ready-to-be-deep-fried thighs, but kept her torpedo boobs (here arriving at La Esquina Restaurant in NYC on Monday)…so her status as an air headed hottie is promptly reinstated. Jessica, please proceed to 80 Jackson Street, er, on second thought, we’ll twitter you the address where you can get your badge back…we don’t want stalkers coming to our basement…

Jessica gave a performance for 2000 pediatric cancer survivors over the weekend…which is very admirable and almost gave us a twinge of guilt for the air headed comment…until she opened her mouth and gashed to the press:”To be able to give back is my sole purpose in life.”

Wait, didn’t Paris Hilton say the same thing when she got out of jail? Yeah, celebs are the Mother Theresas of the new millennium…

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