Jewish militants warned Bar Refaeli not to marry American Leonardo DiCaprio, according to a UK report.

Refaeli, 24, an Israeli, has come under fire in her homeland for alleged failure to honour her patriot duties, which include mandatory national service and paying taxes.

But a nationalist group named Lehava reportedly fears she will dilute her race if she weds DiCaprio. Lehava took to writing to the supermodel, stating: ‘It is not by chance you were born Jewish. Your grandmother and her grandmother did not dream one of their descendants would remove future generations from the Jewish people. Come to your senses. Don’t marry Leonardo DiCaprio.’

Reports have DiCaprio and Refaeli back together again after breaking up last year. They started dating in 2005.

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5 thoughts on “Jewish militants order Bar Rafaeli not to marry Leonardo DiCaprio

  1. Samir says:

    Oh my God! Holy Muhammad and Jesus Christ! Why make such a big deal out of this?

    I would say we need more inter-racial or inter-ethnic marriages. A lot more! We need to strengthen our bonds, improve our relationships and saddle down our differences! We are all one and the same!

    It is precisely our distare in the past that has given rise to our differences and hatred for each other and brought war to the face of the Earth!

    The nationalists, the fascists, the neo-nazis and all the other sick bastards may burn in hell!

    I say let there be more inter-racial love on this planet we call our home! And yes, sex too! Why try to hush it or forbid it? It’s a natural thing. Anything that’s natural is good for you! It’s those unnatural, man-made things you should be afraid of.

    “Morality is everywhere the same for all men, therefore it comes from God; sects differ, therefore they are the work of men.” ~Voltaire


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