Realizing the only thing that was hard on her was her implants and that the rest of her was a cross between Jello and Pudding, Jodie Marsh decided to put her overexposed bits to work(other than the 12-4am gig they had) and started hitting the gym on a regular basis…and behold the results. Jodie Marsh the bodybuilding chick!

Jodie, 30, revealed her tough new exercise regime with a personal trainer has even led her to consider a dramatic new career change – as a bodybuilder.

In an exclusive interview with new!, she says: “At first, I just wanted to lose weight and tone up – I was soft all over.

“But within two weeks, I had definition in my stomach.”

She adds: “As I saw my body changing, I really liked my muscles.”

The desperate starlet, who says she meets her trainer two to three times a week, is even considering competing in bodybuilding competitions.

“I might do a bodybuilder competition in August and if so, I’ve got another 7lbs of fat to lose to be pure muscle,” she says.

“It’s something I’m working towards at the moment.”

And in addition to becoming the 50% iron, 50% silicone woman she always dreamt of becoming, Jodie says her new-found happiness is also down to the new love in her life (who does have testicles this time).

Jodie, who is dating Ryan Fleming, 23, revealed: “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

“I feel like the cat that got the cream.” Which could stand for someone getting lucky in life, but we’re guessing she was just talking about the times when he pours cream all over his body and she licks it clean…just like a good  pussycat…


4 thoughts on “Jodie Marsh:from stripper to bodybuilder

  1. oink says:

    She has well-tone remove thoses ugly tattoos on the body…she is very gross-looking…ugly monkey spots …

    Support our US American Veterans~~!!


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