After all the controversy last night,  it is now official. Joe Paterno passed away Sunday morning. His family released the following statement…

He died as he lived. He fought hard until the end, stayed positive, thought only of others and constantly reminded everyone of how blessed his life had been. His ambitions were far reaching, but he never believed he had to leave this Happy Valley to achieve them. He was a man devoted to his family, his university, his players and his community.


There had been conflicting reports Saturday night. A report by CBS claimed that the former Penn State football coach had lost his battle with lung cancer. However, a spokesperson for the Paterno family denied that report by CBS. It turns out CBS was wrong by just several hours.

The past few months had been very rough for Paterno. He was part of the huge Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, and lost his job as head coach for Penn State. Then, just days later he was diagnosed with lung cancer, obviously his condition rapidly went downhill. The debate about how much his legacy might be ruined because of the Jerry Sandusky scandal will certainly continue to take place. But, hopefully the public will take a break and give some time for the family to grieve for awhile. Paterno has five children and seventeen grandchildren.




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