Well, now we know why Jonah Hill hasn’t been in movies recently – he was apparently attacked by a furious wolverine and was embarrassed by the gaping hole left in his arm. … but seriously Jonah, what the hell?

We’re a little concerned. Sure, you’re keeping a mystery woman happy with your fat and your on and off humor, but whenever you’re missing parts of your body, it’s cause for concern. You’re not Dr. House. You should have more of your muscle, dude.

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13 thoughts on “Jonah Hill – WTF is Up With Your Arm?

  1. Your Name says:

    He’s actually explained this before. It was an accident that happened during his childhood. I won’t trouble myself to look for quotations, that’s your job =]. He is also very self-conscious about it. Gosh I thought you people were better than TMZ but at least they get the facts right..well most of the time.


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