When Christina Aguilera separated with her husband Casper the Ghost Jordan Bratman last week most of us were quite surprised, unless you happened to be a nurses at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center who helped stitch up her bloody lip a few days earlier, to them it was a clear case of, man beats woman, woman leaves man.

RadarOnline reports:

“Christina was bleeding from her mouth and had a bit of a busted lip,” a source, who saw the couple at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said.
“Jordan told the nurses she had fallen down.”
According to the witness, Aguilera was sporting “bumps and red bruises” along with her bloodied lip.
“Shortly after they arrived to Cedars, Christina’s ‘private surgeon’ arrived to put a few stitches in her lip,” the source added.
Adding to the mystery of why the singer needed treatment, on October 12, she was photographed wearing a hat pulled down over her face with what appears to be a small cut below her lower lip.
That is the same day that she and Bratman announced the end of their five-year marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

In Jordan’s defence it’s probably a total bull shit story and she just fell down the stairs. BUT if she didn’t, and he actually hit her, then events like this are forgivable for any of the following reasons

1) He mistook her for the maid.

2) She mouthed off.

3) She burned dinner.

4) The kids were too loud during the game.

Any other reasons and he’s a douche.

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