38501PCN_BowenJulie Bowen shocked pretty much everyone who thought she was a hot piece of ass when she showed off a bloated version of Kely Rippa’s penis encrusted torso meets a chiseled chimp’s underbelly for the needs of a Hawaiian episode of Modern Family. Granted, this time she covered her erector-nator of midriff with confusing horizontal lines, but it just gave us more time to ponder on why her crotch looks like that of a tranny with half the tape job coming undone. Honestly, there’s no way you can win with such knowledge-thirsty minds, Julie, so just wrap it up…preferably in a burka with no easy access entry points.

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9 thoughts on “Julie Bowen didn't take our advice, still sporting a swimsuit

    • Nick says:

      I completely agree with you Anon. She is absolutely beautiful, especially since she’s age 41. She’s a mother of 3 (Two of which were born here recently as twins). I don’t care what everyone else says, shes definitely attractive to me.


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