What a guy, huh? He always gives to charities, he is always nice to fans and he buys awesome gifts for his friends! Justin Bieber went back to his hometown of Stratford, Ontario for Christmas and while he was there, he gave his long time friend a Mustang convertible! Are you kidding me? The best present I have received from a friend was a used bar of soap, and Justin Bieber hands out Mustangs? Dang. I should have picked some better friends when I was growing up.

Ryan Butler was the lucky friend who received the Mustang from Bieber. Ryan tweeted a picture of the car and wrote, ’Justin got me a present. #swag!!!’ to his 600,000+ followers. Yeah, he has 600,000+ followers just for being friends with Justin Bieber. Do you know how awesome that must make Justin feel? That even his friends are mini-celebrities just for knowing him? That is when you know you have made it.

It is important to note that Ryan just isn’t any friend. He has been best friends with Justin for a long time. Ryan’s parents helped raise Justin, along with Justin’s Grandmother when his real mother couldn’t handle all the stress. So, I guess it was kind of a “thank you” gift, as well.


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