Kanye West has been the master of uncomfortable and outright douchetastic moments since his first album dropped 6 years ago. Especially when he goes on one of his little rants about how he’s Jesus incarnated as a golden statue covered in diamonds and awesomeness.

I don’t really see the “eccentric and tortured artist” in Kanye at all. All I see is a spoiled and petulant rapper with delusions of grandeur… pretty much a grown man with Peter Pan syndrome. But I guess like many other celebrities he feel that they are part of a different class of people and as such are allowed to get away with all sorts of bullshit. That’s why Geffen thought he could get away with murder, Polanski thought he could get away with rape, and Gibson thought he could threaten to bury a woman in a rose garden, they live in a bubble surrounded by “Yes men” and lose touch with society and order.

Anyways enough of that rant, here are some of his most ridiculous moments to date.

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4 thoughts on “Kanye West's Craziest On-Air Moments


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