We told you about Kanye West’s new music video for his song Monster after the preview came out a few weeks ago, well BEHOLD! The somewhat final version of the creep fest that is the Monster video is finally here, pack full of all that nice stuff you want to see, like severed woman-heads, dead-looking zombiettes, women hanging from nooses, gratuitous diamond-teeth close-ups… It’s all right here people!

Personally I think Kanye is trying a little too hard. I like images of death, monsters, the supernatural, and all that gory stuff quite a bit, but women hanging from nooses, dead women as props… what’s he doing? Is he a serial killer, Patrick Bateman style? It just seems silly. Especially since he raps so much about how much he loves God. That’s a personal pet peeve of mine. Stop going on and on about how evil you are when you pause to give a shout out to Jesus every 17 seconds in almost everything you do.

Oh and that the crazy ass Nicki Minaj vs Nicki Minaj fight is actually two of her alter egos. Roman vs Barbie… A part of me is ashamed to say I know enough about Nicki Minaj to figure out which personalities she’s embodying at the moment; but another part of it is glorifying in my knowledge of pop culture right now.

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