It amazes me how crazy people get over things: ‘Oh, my God, it’s Elvis Presley’s hair!’ ‘Oh, my God, it’s Justin Timberlake’s leftover french toast!’ ‘Oh, my God, it’s…’ Well, you get my point. But, the recent stupid item people are freaking out over? ‘Oh, my God, it’s the Kardashian family Christmas card!’ Disgusting, just disgusting.

But, there is another thing that amazes me… it’s not just the fact that people are freaking out over the Kardashian Christmas card… it’s what people aren’t seeing in the Christmas card. Is it just me, or does that lonely chair on Kim’s left look a little out of place? Hmm… Now, what could that mean?

Wanna know what I think it means? PHOTOSHOP!!! That’s right. Did it not strike anyone else odd that all the other boytoy’s are in the pic… but Kris isn’t? This kind of Christmas card had to have been planned and shot WAY in advance. I mean, they even have a 3D option available for crying out loud! This isn’t the type of picture you go get shot at Wal-Mart’s Photo Salon. This was some major shit… and, therefore, had to take some major time. And since Kim only recently announced her split with major leaguer Kris Humphries… yeah. My guess is that that lonely chair used to feature a curly headed ball player. Just a guess… Think I’m wrong?




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