There was an epic clash of the big-tittied titans in the Beverly Hills Vionnet Boutique recently. Katharine McPhee and Britney Spears ran into each other in the same store, with one looking considerably hotter than the other. That has got to be awkward. It’s like when a new stripper gets hired at the Gentleman’s Club and the older dancers are upset because the new girl has a tighter pussy and tits that don’t sag yet.

Britney Spears is the old, abused stripper in this metaphor.

Possibly inspired by Katharine McPhee’s epic hotness, Britney ended up getting a dye job and went back to blonde. Now do the world a favor Britney, stop looking like a piece of white trash and try to shower every day. Katharine doesn’t get ready for the day by rolling around in her own filth and smelling like rotten tuna… like some people.

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