Did we, or did we not call it? Only a day after we posted the story of Katie Price hitting Ibiza and predicting Safety Officials would be wishing for stricter tourist visa regulations before the end of the week, Katie Price has proven her slutty side was way repressed during her four years of marriage with Peter Andre.

Katie put on her aqua lingerie dress and matching thigh-high boots before hitting the Ibiza clubs last night, where she got drunk, made out with ex-boyfriend Matt Peacock (who happens to be ex-hubby of Jodie Marsh), threatened to cut a girl’s face off, gave everyone a strip show and ended the night by taking a souvenir back to her hotel (see beefy male model named Anthony…onlookers actually revealed she begged him to go back to her hotel). 

Somehow, after this nightly ordeal, Jordan found the strength to get up from bed at 3:00 pm in order to provide a grand spectacle for all beach goers.

Never mind the sand that was getting to meet her fallobian tubes as she was writhing around…Katie was oblivious to the multitude of tourists surrounding her and snapping away (thinking what a great idea it was to hit the beach despite their hangover) as she supposedly posed for her upcoming calendar (the Photoshop guy will have a great time trying to erase all those feet).

And because she made sure cameras captured her trying to check the make-up guy’s spark plugs in between the fake calendar shots, we can safely assume she amped the slut factor to send a message to her husband…which we’re pretty sure if he still has a head attached to his torso he’ll read it as “blimey, i’ve got to get tested again”.

And speaking of the two, we are hearing the couple’s divorce battle will be played out in rival reality shows, which may be shown in the same time slot on different ITV channels…wanna guess which one will have the highest ratings?

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